Minute Maid Park

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Road Trip An Itinerary for Minute Maid Park

Minute Maid Park is in the heart of the city, ironically a part of town that a lot of suburb-lovin’ Houstonians rarely visit. But if you’re going to an Astros game, take advantage of the best of the neighborhood: friendly bars, great food and a cultural mish-mash of locals and tourists. … If you don’t live in Midtown or downtown, do yourself a favor and drive to one of the city’s Park and Ride lots that also double as stations for the METRO Rail. From there, you can hop on the rail – tickets are just $2 – and head to the bars around the ballpark. … If you’re in a party mood, head to B.U.S. Bar just across from the park on Texas Street. The place resembles an open-air garage and is uber-casual, but it can get pretty rowdy on game day. … If you’re looking for a bite to eat before heading to the game, walk next door to Home Plate Bar and Grill; it’ll be crowded so try the balcony if you want a table. … Now that it’s about time for the National Anthem, all you have to do is stumble across the street to the park, take a quick bathroom break and head to your seats. … Once there, get to know your neighbors. Astros fans may not be as rowdy as fans at some other ballparks but they’re friendly, and by mid-game you’re likely to be making post-game plans with your seat-mates or talking about meeting up for the next game. … The best eats inside the park are on the first level. This being Texas there’s good Mexican and barbeque, but the best bet might be the giant sausages from Texas-based Kiolbassa. Get it early, though, before the lines form and they run out. … Stay local with your brew, too, and have a Shiner Bock. … After the game, walk a few blocks west to Main Street, Midtown’s main strip, and enter The Flying Saucer, a large pub that boasts more than 200 beers on tap and in bottles. … If you’re in the mood to venture a few blocks further, hail a cab from the ballpark and go to either the Front Porch or Little Woodrow’s in Midtown. Both are low-key bars but famous hangouts for Houstonians with a love of specialty beers and unique drinks.

B.U.S. Bar, 1800 Texas St., (713) 222-2287

Home Plate Bar and Grill, 1800 Texas St., (713) 222-1993

The Flying Saucer, 705 Main St., (713) 228-9472

Little Woodrow’s, 2306 Brazos, (713) 522-1041

Front Porch, 217 Gray Street, (713) 571-9571