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Experience the Park Busch Stadium Fan Guide

Grab a Bite

Hog dogs are on the menu at Busch Stadium but so are toasted ravioli, pot-stickers and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, so don’t be bashful. And the designers of the new Busch Stadium did a wonderful job locating the concession stands and making the entire experience fairly convenient, no matter where you’re sitting. The lines move fast and many of the stand workers are volunteering for their charities, which is all the more reason to go back for more. 

Stands are themed, so take note of the name and it’ll give you an idea what they’ve got, although most also sell the basics of hot dogs, pretzels, pizza, chicken tenders, nachos, etc. Eat the toasted ravioli if want to feel like a local. This small St. Louis delicacy is beef that’s breaded and fried and served with a small side of marinara; it’s a beer’s best companion.

Busch also strays from traditional ballpark fare with El Birdos Cantina. Here, you can get such treats as quesadillas or soft tacos. While not spectacular, they do provide an alternative for those tired of hot dogs. Looking for Asian? You can get stir-fry (including a make-your-own option) and fried pot-stickers on the first floor near gate 2.

Busch is also home to two Hardee’s for those who want a “thickburger,” and a few Broadway BBQs that offer greasy turkey legs and wing bites.

For dessert there’s Ben & Jerry’s, a nice step up from non-descript soft-serve available at many parks. It’s available from vendors in the stands and in the concourses. If you get it from your seats it’ll be an ice cream bar (vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate). Venture out into the concourse and you’ll find ice cream you can have on a cone or in a cup with five flavors to choose from, and the servings are generous.

And here’s a tip: if you want peanuts and Crackerjacks, buy them outside of the stadium and bring them in. There are several vendors and you’ll spend about $1 less. And be sure to hit one of these vendors for Gus’s pretzels, a home-grown St. Louis pretzel-maker in the traditional German style. Don’t miss this one.