Busch Stadium

Home of the St. Louis Cardinals

250 Stadium Plaza St. Louis, Missouri, 63102 View Map
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Experience the Park Busch Stadium Fan Guide

Get to the Game

The best way to get to Busch Stadium is the Metrolink. St. Louis’ light rail system serves Busch – take the “Stadium” exit and follow the sea of red – and also goes to the airport and many other spots around the city. Tickets are $2 each way, but you might consider paying the extra $.50 for an all-day pass. This will allow you to avoid the lines after the game and travel the city without purchasing any more tickets. If you’re out on the town though, keep in mind that Metro closes around midnight (if the game ends after midnight, Metro stays open until the platform is cleared), so you’ll need to get a cab back to your accommodations.

If you’re driving to the game, parking garages around Busch are primarily on the east side of the stadium… seemingly conveniently located but often tough to get out of amid post-game traffic. You’ll spend around $20 to park and that can buy you a couple of beers and some toasted ravioli inside.

A better bet is to find a lot farther away where you’ll have a walk but pay less, and the exit is easier. If you’re feeling risky or running late, the prices at some lots will go down the closer to game time. Some of the lots around the stadium provide a golf cart that’ll take you to your gate, but they’re not well advertised, so you’ll have to ask around. These lots are concentrated south of the stadium.

If you’re staying at a downtown hotel it’s best just to walk to the park and soak up some city life along the way.