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Go Nuts

The Buckeye tree is “native, tenacious, attractive and unique”. Didn’t know a tree could be tenacious? Well, the Buckeye is quite adaptable, putting down roots in almost any setting, and extremely hard to kill, the school explains.

Here are some facts and maybe a little fable about the Ohio State nickname:

•    The Buckeye tree is the state tree of Ohio and was apparently called such because its nuts resemble a ‘buck’s eye’. 

•    Native Americans are credited with naming the tree and also first using it to describe a local resident when the y encountered Colonel Ebenezer Sproat in the late 1700s. Sproat resembled an OSU lineman and possessed an equally large persona, and the Native Americans apparently referred to him as “Big Buckeye”. 

•    Common usage came after the presidential election of 1840 when winning candidate William Henry Harrison, who adopted Ohio as his home state, used the buckeye tree and nuts as campaign symbols. 

•    Buckeyes was not officially adopted as Ohio State’s nickname until 1950, although writers had been referring to the school and teams as such for decades by then.

•  Mascot Brutus Buckeye was not around until the 1065 season but has been a fixture at games ever since.