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Experience the Park Ohio Stadium Fan Guide

Enter Hineygate (if you dare)

Fans who can’t get a parking spot remotely close to the stadium or simply don’t want to bother with all the tailgate preparations can head to one of the organized tailgates, the largest of which is Hineygate. Held in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn on Lane Avenue, Hineygate features a stage where bands play, plenty of grills pumping out the typical hamburger-hot dog fare, and beer … lots of beer. You can buy it there or try to smuggle it over from the adjacent 7-11, which has to be the busiest beer store on the planet game-day mornings. And, oh yeah, you might bump into a few Buckeye fans there; a few thousand, that is.

This is probably not the place to go if you’re looking for a family-friendly atmosphere for the kids or if you favor khakis and a scarlet and gray tie rather than a Buckeyes jersey and baseball cap. Young women in the crowd are frequently encouraged to reveal, um, themselves, and some of them do. And you risk heaps of verbal abuse if you venture in wearing the colors of that day’s opposing team.

Knowing all of that, though, this is the biggest party of the day and is worth a stop. And the party doesn’t end at kickoff: fans without tickets to the game stick around and watch it on a giant screen that’s set up; and the band revs it back up post-game.

Hineygate – ‘hiney’ is another word for ‘tail,’ hence the name – has actually been reined in somewhat in recent years.  Lane Avenue used to be shut down to vehicular traffic on game days and the party would spill out onto the street.  Now, there’s a fence surrounding the party that keeps it enclosed and prevents revelers from walking out carrying beers.  It has done little to slow the party inside the fence, though.


There are other such organized tailgates, including the ‘Rally at Riverwatch’ at the Riverwatch Towers on Lane Avenue, and at Tommy’s on Lane.