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Ohio Stadium

Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes

411 Woody Hayes Dr Columbus, Ohio, 43210 View Map
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Venue Info

Sport: Football
League: College Football
Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

Year Built: 1922
Stadium Capacity: 102,329

Nestled on the banks of the Olentangy River Ohio Stadium is one of the most recognizable landmarks in all of college athletics. The Horseshoe was first built in 1922 and underwent a massive renovation recently that added seats, skyboxes and other amenities. It is the beating heart of Buckeye Nation and is crammed for every home game with more than 100,000 fans there to cheer on the Scarlet and Gray.

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The best way to start game-day at Ohio State is to put on your Buckeye jersey or anything scarlet and gray and join the masses tailgating outside Ohio Stadium. There’ll be fans gathered around grills and impressive spreads wherever you look, no matter the weather outside. But watch out for the ‘beer police.’ Columbus and campus police are known to make occasional random sweeps telling fans to dump their alcoholic drinks. … Ohio State fans love their band – it’s called The Best Damn Band in the Land, and they say it without irony – so head over to St. John Arena for the Skull Session to see what the fuss is all about. The band rocks the old barn for an hour the morning of the game, and the football team and coach Jim Tressel make an appearance. And it’s free. … Both the team and later the band then make the walk across Woody Hayes Drive to the stadium. Line the route with other fans to get an up close look and shout words of encouragement as they enter the ‘Shoe. … Make sure to be in your seat at least 15 minutes before kickoff so you can see, feel and hear the band, The Pride of the Buckeyes, make its dramatic entrance from the ramp at the north end of the stadium. It’s enough to give even a Michigan fan goose-bumps. … Stick around after the game for another chill-inducing moment as the team and coach Tressel gather in front of the band and student section in the south stands and they all sing Carmen Ohio, the OSU alma mater. … The tolling of the Victory Bell means its time to head to the Varsity Club, home base for all generations of Buckeye fans and a short stroll from the ‘Shoe. It’ll be packed, but if that’s a concern maybe you should have left in the third quarter to beat the traffic. … If you’re looking for a mellower, more upscale scene, but one that still screams Buckeye football, hit the Buckeye Hall of Fame Café where you can have a steak and see the 2002 National Championship trophy and one of Archie Griffin’s Heismans. What better way to close out a day at Ohio State?

Varsity Club, 278 W. Lane Ave., 614-299-6269

Buckeye Hall of Fame Café, 1421 Olentangy River Rd., 614-291-2233

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At Wise Guides, we believe “spectator” should be a verb. Not because you should suck down 12 beers, run on the field and try to take the first baseman’s job — you shouldn’t. It’s because there’s so much more to going to a game than simply sitting in your seat watching the action. There are stadiums and neighborhoods to explore, food and drink to try, history to learn and interesting people to meet. Try our Wise Guides tips, they are funny, helpful and, we hope, interesting.

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