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The Champs Sports Bowl this year pits Wisconsin against Miami in what should be an interesting game due to the contrasting styles of both schools and teams. Bucky vs. The U. South Beach and State Street. Beer and brats or mojitos and empanadas.

The game will be played Monday night in the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, which also hosts the Capital One Bowl on Jan. 1. There is no actual Citrus Bowl in the Citrus Bowl any more as corporate sponsors have taken over. Orlando is also home to Disney World and plenty of golf courses if you're looking to kill time before kickoff. 

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Originally played in 1990, the first ever Champs Sports bowl was a rousing success. The game was played between Penn State and Florida State and pitted two legendary coaches, Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden, against one another.  The Seminoles won 24-17.

Of course, it wasn't called the Champs Sports Bowl then, and it wasn't played in Orlando. Back then it was the Blockbuster Bowl and was played in Miami. The name was later changed to the Carquest Bowl, then the MicronPC Bowl, then the Tangerine Bowl, which was also the original name of the Citrus Bowl - which is now the Capital One Bowl. Yes, ridiculous.

Anyway, for now it's the Champs Sports Bowl, and several years ago it was moved to Orlando and the Citrus Bowl (the stadium, not the game). Orlando is a great destination if you want to be able to both see a game and entertain your kids. Come down a day before the game and head over to Walt Disney World for an experience the little ones will never forget.
This year's game should be pretty entertaining, too, with Wisconsin taking on the Miami Hurricanes. The Badgers got beat up pretty bad by another Florida school in this game last year, so should be ready to play. Here are the results from the last five Champs Sports Bowls:

2008: Florida State 42 Wisconsin 13
2007: Boston College 24 Michigan State 21
2006: Maryland 24 Purdue 7
2005: Clemson 19 Colorado 10
2004: Georgia Tech 51 Syracuse 14

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