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Experience the Park Emerald Bowl Fan Guide

Get to the Game

There are about as many ways to get to AT&T Park as there are modes of transport … train, bus, boat, bike and car. And if you’re staying downtown and up for a little hike, you could just walk over. Here’s a quick guide to getting to the game:  

Train: The Muni Metro stops at the Second and King Muni Metro station right next to the ballpark; take the J or T line. Caltrain stops at the Fourth and King Street Station one block from the ballpark. Also, BART trains get you close; you can walk from the Embarcadero or Montgomery stations or transfer to Muni Metro trains.

Bus: Muni buses 10, 30, 45 and 47 stop within a block of the ballpark, and AC Transit stops at the Transbay Terminal near the ballpark.

Boat: The Alameda/Oakland Ferry Service, Golden Gate Transit and Baylink provide ferry service either directly to the game or to the Ferry Building, where you can walk to the park or take Muni Metro.


Bicycle: Northern California is known for healthy living, so why not bike to the park. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition operates a secure bike parking facility at AT&T Park, located on the PortWalk.

Car: Not nearly as interesting as the others, but you can simply drive to the game, too. The Giants provide driving directions on their Web site (); the official parking lots are across McCovey Cove from the park but it’s a hefty fee to park there ($30). There are numerous other unofficial parking lots and garages near the park, so it may be worth it to cruise the neighborhood looking for a better deal if you must drive.