Soccer City

Home of the World Cup 2010

76 Nasrec Road Johannesburg, South Africa, 20000 View Map
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Road Trip An Itinerary for Soccer City

If you’re interested in South Africa’s gold mine history, or simply looking for a nice place to have a drink or a meal and enjoy some pre-game entertainment, take a detour off the M1 on your way to Soccer City and hit Gold Reef City. It’s just a few kilometres northeast of the stadium and has all sorts of attractions for adults and kids, including an amusement park, a casino and restaurants; you can also take a ride down into the mine shaft for a tour. … You can easily kill several hours at Gold Reef City, but make sure to leave plenty of time to get to the game. You want to be able to enjoy the colourful scene surrounding Soccer City as close to 100,000 fans gather for the match. … Take a walk around the stadium, which is designed to resemble a traditional African clay pot and just underwent a multi-million dollar renovation to get it ready for the World Cup. … It’s probably a good idea to fill up before the match, so hit one of the stands outside the stadium for some braai (barbeque); you’ll smell the stands before you see them. Boerewors rolls (grilled sausages) are a tasty local favourite that can be had inside and outside Soccer City. … Get into the stadium early so you have time to check out the interior before finding your seat. And if you really want to get into the spirit, pick up a makarapa to wear on your head and a Vuvuzela to blow during the match. You’ll fit right in. … After the game, you can retreat to Gold Reef City again and try your luck at the casino or watch a theatre production. … To take in more of the real South Africa, visit nearby Soweto (you can arrange a tour ahead of time). At some point head to Rotso’s, a popular bar where you can mix with locals, play some pool and drink beer out of 750ml bottles. … If the munchies hit, go to Wandie’s Place in Dube, which serves a buffet of traditional African food ranging from pap, rice, dumplings, vegetables, grilled chicken, stews or curries to mogodu (tripe) and umqushu (samp). … Finish off your Soweto experience in Rockville at a popular pub, The Rock, for a few drinks on the rooftop. The views of Soweto are spectacular.

Gold Reef City, 011 248 6800

Wandie’s Place, 011 326 1700

Soweto Tours, 011 326 1700

The Rock, 011 986 8182