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Experience the Park Indianapolis Motor Speedway Fan Guide

Enjoy the View

While the sheer size of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway means it’s not possible to find a seat that affords a view of the entire oval, there are actually few bad seats in the place. Still, when purchasing tickets it’s important to consider not just how much you want to pay, but what you want to see.

The best place to sit for a bird’s-eye view of the pageantry of the opening ceremonies, pit action, the sheer speed of the cars and the start/finish line is on the front stretch (Paddock Grandstand and Penthouse; A and C Stands; and the Tower Terrace and Pit Road Terrace, both of which are on the inside of the track). Not surprisingly, these seats are tough to come by. It helps to have a friend whose grandfather has had them since the Eisenhower administration and doesn’t go anymore.

For a more distant view of these activities but maybe more emphasis on pure racing action, fans should seek seats in Turn 4 or exiting Turn 4 (Northwest Vista and J and H stands), or in Turn 1 or entering Turn 1 (B and E stands and penthouses).

Seats up high in the Southeast Vista (Turn 2) and the Northeast Vista (Turn 3) provide views of the backstretch and the preceding and succeeding turns. The Southwest Vista, South Vista, G Stand and South Terrace (inside the track) cover the stretch between Turns 1 and 2, while the North Vista affords a view of the ‘short chute’ between Turns 3 and 4. Seats in these sections are more affordable.

IMS has a site where fans can see a 360-degree view from certain locations in each stand. Go here and click on ‘Interactive Track View.’