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Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Home of the Indianapolis 500

4790 West 16th Street Indianapolis, IN, 46222 View Map
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Sport: Racing
League: IRL
Team: Indianapolis 500

Year Built: 1909
Stadium Capacity: 250000+

There is nothing like it in the world - attending the 'greatest spectacle in racing' in Indianapolis is an experience you will never forget. The cars are the stars of the show, of course, but the place is dripping with history, tradition and character.

May 24, 2009 - 93rd Indianapolis 500 - 1pm

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Road Trip / Indianapolis Motor Speedway Itinerary Print It!

“Race day” is really a misnomer at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Devoted fans are on hand in the days and even weeks leading up to the race checking out qualifying and bonding with fellow fans. So, plan to arrive at least a day ahead of time and rent a spot for your vehicle on the lawn or driveway of someone in the neighborhood, and set up camp with the neighbors. It’s a wonderful IMS tradition that allows you to meet and party with locals and other race fans, all while a short walk from the track. The IMS experience isn’t complete for many race fans without enjoying some of this Hoosier hospitality. … But be sure to walk around at some point to take in the tailgating scene that has sprouted up throughout the area. A little race talk and you’ll make fast friends and probably be offered a beer and something off the grill. … The infield at IMS is a giant party that’s definitely worth experiencing at least once, but if you’re really interested in the race it’s best to be in the grandstand. And if you can find seats on the front stretch and afford them, that’s the place to see the pageantry of the opening ceremonies and the start/finish line. … Wherever your seat is, make sure you find it in time to hear Back Home Again in Indiana, watch the balloon release and see and hear the rolling start to the race. It’s a moment not to be missed. … The highlight of IMS concessions is a Hoosier classic, the breaded pork tenderloin sandwich. Try one. … If you need to stretch your legs during the race, walk over to the IMS Hall of Fame Museum, which is located inside the main gate and remains open on race day. It’s a treasure-trove of racing artifacts and information that even a casual fan will enjoy. … But don’t stay too long as the race beckons.  When the checkered flag has finally been waved and the milk drunk in the winner’s circle, head back to your neighborhood tailgate to wait out the traffic. … As evening approaches, head downtown to Badaboomz Ale House & Grill, which has an extensive selection of Indiana and national micro-brews. … For dinner, hit a Circle City legend, the St. Elmo Steak House, famous for its fiery shrimp cocktail and oversized steaks and filet mignon. A perfect way to end race day.

Badaboomz Ale House & Grill, 15 E. Maryland St., 317-522-2666

St. Elmo Steak House, 127 S. Illinois St., 317-635-0636

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Wise Guide Tips / Know what the locals know, go where the locals go

At Wise Guides, we believe “spectator” should be a verb. Not because you should suck down 12 beers, run on the field and try to take the first baseman’s job — you shouldn’t. It’s because there’s so much more to going to a game than simply sitting in your seat watching the action. There are stadiums and neighborhoods to explore, food and drink to try, history to learn and interesting people to meet. Try our Wise Guides tips, they are funny, helpful and, we hope, interesting.

Experience the Infield

Race? What race? The infield is a popular spot to experience race-day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and every fan should try it at least once. To many folks who return year after year it’s the only... Read more »

Enjoy the View

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Camp in the Hood

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Tour the Circle City

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Take a Tour

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Check Out Qualifying

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Kiss the Bricks

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