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Rogers Centre

Home of the Toronto Blue Jays

1 Blue Jays Way Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1J1 View Map
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Experience the Park Rogers Centre Fan Guide

Grab Some Grub - Rogers Centre

Toronto is an incredibly diverse and culturally rich city, and is justifiably proud of this. Unfortunately, it’s not really reflected in the concessions at the Rogers Centre, which are passable if unspectacular. You can find Canadian-owned Pizza Pizza stands throughout the park. There is an Asian Noodle Box stand and paninis are available and popular, as are the Montreal smoked meat sandwiches – wrong city but good sandwich. 

Besides that it’s mostly your regular ballpark fare, including hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled sausages, chicken wings and fingers, peanuts, soft pretzels and subs. There is an assortment of treats available, including ice cream bars and sundaes and sno cones and candy floss (that’d be cotton candy for you Yanks).

The Blue Jays held a few all-you-can-eat days in 2008, where fans could get a ticket to a specific section and, for a total price of $39, eat/drink as many nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts and soda pop as they could handle. That’s only about $10 more then the average 200-level ticket.

Another unique way to take in a game at the Rogers Centre is to reserve seats at the Hard Rock Café that overlooks the field. For a $5 cover and a minimum purchase of $30 a person, you and your friends/family can sit right against the window dead smack in the middle of centre field and watch the big hitters try and crack the glass (yet to be achieved, though Joe Carter did his best).

For a more upscale experience, head to the Windows Restaurant on the ballpark’s north side or  Sightlines, another restaurant adjacent to the Hard Rock where fans get a view of the game and don’t have to sit behind glass. That’s also the case at Arriba, which is located inside the Renaissance Hotel in center field.