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Experience the Park US Cellular Field Fan Guide

Politics and Baseball

The area surrounding U.S. Cellular Field couldn’t be more different from that ballpark on the North Side. While Wrigley Field has apartment buildings right across the street and bars and restaurants galore nearby, The Cell is bracketed by a major freeway and some railroad tracks, and in between the ballpark sits surrounded by parking lots.

Many Sox fans take advantage of those lots to tailgate before games, and there are a few neighborhood taverns close by that draw crowds on game day. The closest and most popular is Jimbo’s Lounge on 33rd Street two blocks north of the park, although the owners are currently fighting eviction. Again, this isn’t Wrigleyville, so fans are advised against wearing Cubs’ stuff or ordering a sea breeze in this old-school place.

The ballpark is adjacent to Chicago’s historic Bridgeport neighborhood, for generations the heart of Chicago’s old-style machine politics. The Daley family home is just a few blocks west of the park on Lowe Avenue, and though the current Mayor Richard no longer lives there he’s an unabashed Sox fan, just like his father.

Historically, it’s sometimes been hard to tell the politicians from the wise guys in Chicago, and although the neighborhood has changed a lot in recent years that history is often right under the surface. A few years back the Feds, working on a tip, dug up a parking spot just north of The Cell looking for the remains of a disappeared member of Chicago’s Outfit; they found nothing. 

Most of Chicago’s major attractions, as well as nightlife and hotels, are in and around downtown, about four miles north of the park. And the most efficient way to get there is on the CTA’s Red Line, running right down the middle of the Dan Ryan Expressway a short walk from the park.