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Exploding Scoreboard and Dogs at the Park

Legendary baseball owner and promoter extraordinaire Bill Veeck had two stints running the White Sox, and his influence can be seen and felt at U.S. Cellular Field although he never saw the place. Veeck was responsible for the famous exploding scoreboard next door at Comiskey Park, something that’s been replicated at The Cell. It lights up and shoots fireworks when a Sox player hits a home run.

Veeck was responsible for Disco Demolition night, as well, which also involved an explosion and ended with a fan riot. Veeck is long gone, as is the ballpark he presided over across the street, but his spirit remains. There’s the scoreboard, still the park’s signature feature, as well as a shower in the outfield concourse to cool fans on hot days, and minor league-like promotions such as dog day at the park.  

The Sox know they play second fiddle to the Cubs in Chicago, even after the 2005 championship, and every effort is made to draw fans. A testament to just how starved fans were for a championship stands outside the main gates just off 35th Street: a giant monument to the 2005 World Champs (if the Yankees did this after every title there wouldn’t be room to walk outside the stadium). While much was made in the media of the Red Sox finally breaking their curse in 2004, what many people didn’t realize is that the drought on the South Side of Chicago was actually a year longer. Overlooked again, White Sox fans might argue. 

What isn’t overlooked or underrated at The Cell is the food, generally considered much better and more diverse than the offerings at the old park on the North Side. This is Chicago, so the grilled dogs, brats and sausages, Polish and Italian, are the stars. The Chicago-style dog is a meal in itself, piled with chopped onions, tomato wedges, a pickle spear, sport peppers, impossibly bright-green relish, mustard and a dash of celery salt. In Chicago, South or North Side, it’s the right way to eat a hot dog.