US Cellular Field

Home of the Chicago White Sox

333 W. 35th Street Chicago, Illinois, 60616 View Map
(312) 674-1000
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I've been coming to 35th and Shield for 45 years and I LOVED the old park. Comisky II was terrible. Comisky II.V, heretofore White Sox Park, is certainly improved. The lower bowl, foul line to foul line is great, LF / RF has obstructed views across center field, the scoreboard sight line are bad, the new scoreboard actually gives me a headache to look at and the upper deck ... well, I just won't go there at any price, too far away from the field and way too steep. I hate the Cubs but LOVE Wrigley Field. I'm afraid the things that I don't like about Sox Park cannot be corrected without tearing much of the stadium structure down and rebuilding it, which I'm sure will never happen. Consequently, I'll just to have stay in the good seats or stay home.

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