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Angel Stadium

Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2000 Gene Autry Way Anaheim, California, 92806 View Map
(714) 940-2000
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Experience the Park Angel Stadium Fan Guide

Get to the Game

One thing to remember about going to a Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim game: adding “Los Angeles” to the team name in 2005 did nothing to shorten the commute if you’re coming from the city. It’d be kind of like the Orioles (pre-Nationals) calling themselves the Washington Orioles of Baltimore.

It can take up to an hour – sometimes more – to get to the ballpark from LA. And adding to the frustration is that the I-5, the main thoroughfare leading to the stadium, has no carpool lane until you get about three miles from the Katella Avenue exit. By then, you might be wondering just how many hours the trip has shaved off your life expectancy.

The team provides driving directions here as well as parking information. The ballpark is surrounded by parking lots, so finding a spot won’t be difficult, and the game-day fee is just $8. If you feel like saving a few bucks you can drive around and often find other lots for even less, but you’ll have a bit of a longer walk to the park.

The best bet is to give yourself plenty of time when driving to a game. If you arrive early just break out the snacks and drinks and tailgate. You won’t be alone. Although the team says alcohol is prohibited in its parking lots, the rule is not strictly enforced.

If driving sounds like too much of a hassle, you can take the train to the game. It’s not an El train that’s going to drop you off beyond right field a la Wrigley, but Amtrak provides service that lets off at the north end of the parking lot, allowing for a pleasant walk of about 150 yards to the stadium. A round-trip ticket from LA’s Union Station costs $24 and takes 40 minutes, and considering the aggravation of driving and the cost of gas, it might be worth it. If the game goes to extra innings, however, make sure to watch the clock because the last train leaves at 10:18 p.m. on week nights and an hour later on weekends. Cab fare back to LA isn’t nearly as reasonable.