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Angel Stadium

Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2000 Gene Autry Way Anaheim, California, 92806 View Map
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The Rally Monkey Lives

When the Angels captured the World Series title in 2002, it wasn’t the image of Series MVP Troy Glaus or any other player that was burned into the national sports consciousness, it was a monkey. Yes, the Rally Monkey. 


The monkey became a cult figure at Angel Stadium after his appearance on the jumbotron preceded a late-inning comeback by the home team. And it solidified its status as a Angel Stadium legend when the Halos rallied from a 5-0 deficit in Game 6 at home with the Rally Monkey hopping like mad, and the team won Game 7 to capture its only world championship. And the legend continues today, although fortunately it’s not overdone. The Rally Monkey is only called upon to exercise its powers when the Angels trail by a run or two late in the game. And the Angles have some fun with it. “If you make noise, he will come,” the scoreboard intones, and the fans, many holding Rally Monkey dolls, respond. Not bad for manufactured ballpark drama.


Food options at Angel Stadium trend toward the chain, with a Carl’s Jr., Panda Express, California Pizza Kitchen and Hooters. That said, the good ol’ grilled hot dog remains the star, which at Angel Stadium comes from California-based Farmer John. Owner Arte Moreno made news when he bought the team in 2003 and promptly announced he was lowering beer prices. A small beer still costs less than $5, and premium ones go for $6-7, not bad by Major League (and southern California) standards.


Another striking development at Angel Stadium in recent years has nothing to do with beer or what’s playing on the jumbotron (and there’s a lesson here for baseball executives). The Angels won the World Series and have consistently fielded a quality team since, and the fans have responded. They pack the park like never before and are a passionate group, Rally Monkey or no.