Angel stadium

Angel Stadium

Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2000 Gene Autry Way Anaheim, California, 92806 View Map
(714) 940-2000
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Experience the Park Angel Stadium Fan Guide

Fake Rocks and a Mini Monster

Angel Stadium could be thought of as the Joan Rivers of ballparks: looks good for its age – amazingly now one of the oldest parks in the majors – but it has had a lot of work done. The park opened in 1966 as the home to the Angels, was later expanded and enclosed to make room for the NFL’s Rams, and later still (re)reconfigured back to a baseball-only facility when the Rams left.


The most recognizable – or whimsical or bizarre, depending on your point of view – feature of Angel Stadium is the reproduction of the rocky California coast in left-center field, complete with faux rocks and mountain stream. This ‘Outfield Extravaganza,’ as the Angels call it, also has trees, a geyser that shoots water 90 feet in the air and fireworks that explode when an Angels player hits a home run.


The Extravaganza may be eye-catching but unless an opposing outfielder starts day-dreaming about taking a hike, it shouldn’t have an impact on the game. The same can’t be said for the wall in right and right-center field, which at 18 feet high is about half as tall as Fenway’s Green Monster. Just like the Monster, outfielders need to be aware of its presence and be able to deftly play the caroms it causes.


Behind the wall in left field are the terraced bullpens, ensuring that most home runs there are caught by a relief pitcher rather than a fan. In both outfield corners, the wall curves in at the foul line and is just a few feet high, and hitters occasionally sneak one around the foul pole for a short home run.