Angel stadium

Angel Stadium

Home of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2000 Gene Autry Way Anaheim, California, 92806 View Map
(714) 940-2000
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Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Year Built: 1966
Stadium Capacity: 43,000

Angel Stadium is one of the oldest parks in the Majors now, having been built in 1966, but it doesn't show its age. The NFL's Rams called it home for many years but it's now been converted back to a baseball-only facility, and it's a nice place to see a game.


The location isn't ideal, in suburban Anaheim and surrounded by thousands of parking spots. But management has found a secret to maintaining a passionate fan base - and no, it's not the Rally Monkey. It's that the Angels are consistent winners. Other baseball owners should take note.

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The Angels play in suburban Anaheim, the city built by a mouse. Disneyland, and the adjacent California Adventure Park, is about two miles west of Angel Stadium, so it’s possible to do Disney during the day and catch an Angels night game. … Now that that’s out of the way, there’s why you really came. Angel Stadium may be miles from the buzz of Los Angeles but it’s right off the freeway and hard to miss with the 23-story high ‘A’ standing at the edge of the parking lot. … After you park, stroll over to JT Schmid’s, a micro-brewery with good eats that’s within easy walking distance. Rather than decide among their tasty brews, order a flight of different ones. … Angel Stadium is one of the oldest parks in the majors now, but it has had a lot of work done. The most recognizable feature today is the reproduction of the rocky California coast in left-center field, complete with faux rocks and mountain stream. … The park has been abuzz since the team captured the World Series in 2002 (pay attention, MLB execs). The run to that title launched a tradition that remains today: an appearance by the Rally Monkey on the jumbotron. The monkey is pretty much a cult figure among Angels fans but luckily it’s not overdone, as the conditions have to be right (the home team rallying from behind) for him to appear. … Food options at Angel Stadium trend toward the chain, so stick with the good ol’ grilled hot dog from California-based Farmer John. … Owner Arte Moreno became a hero when after buying the team he announced he was lowering beer prices, and you can still get a small beer for less than $5. But who wants a small when there’s The Bomber? It’s 20 fluid ounces of refreshing brew, Corona or Pacifico, with a south-of-the-border flair. The key is the salt-rimmed glass (plastic cup, actually) with the lime wedge hanging off the side. You may be hesitant to have a brew dressed up like a margarita, but dive in. … If you’re hungry as the game ends, head a couple miles north on the Orange Freeway to Blake’s Place, a great barbeque joint in Anaheim. After filling up there, you can easily hop on the Riverside Freeway (91) back into LA. … The megalopolis of Los Angeles, of course, has as much to offer as any city in the United States. There are the famous beaches, with must-sees the Venice boardwalk and the Santa Monica Pier. There are hills to hike and Hollywood and Beverly Hills to explore, and a dynamic nightlife. Or just cruise Sunset Boulevard and get a flavor of everything LA has to offer.

Blake’s Place Café, 2905 E. Miraloma #3, (714) 630-8574 

JT Schmid's Brewhouse/Eatery, 2610 E. Katella Ave., (714) 634-9200

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Angel Stadium could be thought of as the Joan Rivers of ballparks: looks good for its age – amazingly now one of the oldest parks in the majors – but it has had a lot of work done. The park opened i... Read more »

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