Target field

Target Field

Home of the Minnesota Twins
550 3rd Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55403 View Map
(612) 375-1366
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Venue Info

Sport: Baseball
League: MLB
Team: Minnesota Twins

Year Built: 2010
Stadium Capacity: 39,504

The Twins moved into brand new Target Field in 2010 and it's a huge upgrade for their fans used to the sterile, charmless Metrodome. Target Field is located just north of downtown Minneapolis and it's an open-air ballpark, so fans may want to bundle up for those early- and late-season games. Other than weather worries they should enjoy the park, which is designed by the same folks who did Camden Yards, AT&T Park and PNC Park.


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Hubert’s, right across the street from the Metrodome, doesn’t look like much from the outside but is a shrine to Twin Cities sports inside. Start here, bonding with Minnesotans over beers before heading inside for the game. Hit the patio bar if it’s a nice day and have a brat from the grill. … The Metrodome gets low marks for its sterile look and feel, but at least appreciate that it’s been host to an array of historic sporting events in just over 25 years. It’s the only stadium to have hosted a Super Bowl, baseball All-Star Game, a World Series (twice), and the NCAA Men’s Final Four. That said, Twins fans will be ecstatic when the team moves into its new downtown, open-air park in 2010 (as long as it’s not snowing that day). … Another thing fans are enthusiastic about is the Dome Dog, made by Minnesota-based Hormel. Have one, and wash it down with a cold one from St. Paul’s Summit Brewing Co. or a Leinenkugel, a beer imported all the way from Wisconsin. … After the game, head to the nearby Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, popular with fans and other locals for its wide range of micro-brews. … If you’re looking to do some wandering, walk about eight blocks west of the Dome to Nicollet Avenue. It’s the heart of downtown Minneapolis and home to many bars, restaurants and shops. Nearby is Atlas Grill, with great steaks and chops, upscale but fan-friendly. … If you’ve got shopping (and eating) on the brain, hop on the light rail line, Metro Transit’s Hiawatha Line (Route 55), right near the Metrodome and take it to the Mall of America. It’s on the spot of the former home of the Twins and Vikings, Metropolitan Stadium, and the indoor theme park at MOA has a plaque where home plate at the Met used to be.

Hubert's Bar & Restaurant, 601 Chicago Ave., (612) 332-6062

Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery, 1430 Washington Ave. S, (612) 339-8696

Atlas Grill, 200 S. Sixth St., (612) 332-4200

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