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Experience the Park Neyland Stadium Fan Guide

Tailgating: Gator on the Grill

The menus at Tennessee tailgates frequently have a unique twist. If Florida is the opponent that day, you might find fried gator on the grill, or gamecock chicken wings for South Carolina. Venison is also a favorite whoever the opponent is.

And although Tennessee is a ‘dry’ campus, campus police generally look the other way. As long as tailgaters don’t get too rowdy and flaunt their ‘mountain lightning,’ there usually isn’t a problem.

The main tailgating scene is in Circle Park or in front of the Humanities Building at the Volunteer Village, just a block west of the stadium. Fraternity Row and the music building are also pretty packed early in the morning with alumni and band families. Expect the tailgates to be set up early Saturday morning, regardless of when kickoff is, and go late into the night and often the wee hours of Sunday morning.

If you can, break away from the tailgate to check out the “Vol Walk,” which happens about three hours before kickoff. The team and coaches make their way from Gibbs Hall past the Torchbearer and down Peyton Manning Pass to the stadium. Fans form a corridor and help pump up the team, exchanging high-fives with players and shouting words of encouragement.

About two hours before kickoff the Pride of the Southland marching band rolls through campus to Stadium Drive. On their way, the band plays Rocky Top and performs the Salute to the Hill. The best spot to take in the band is the University Center Plaza near the Glocker business building, or the small hill beside the Alumni Memorial Building in the shadow of the stadium’s north side.