Neyland Stadium

Home of the Tennessee Volunteers

Phillip Fulmer Way Knoxville, Tennessee, 37996 View Map
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Neyland Stadium sits in downtown Knoxville, just off the interstate. What makes this place pop is its location along the river, where fans attend games (and many just watch on TV and drink) by boat. A very, very cool thing to see, all those boats with UT flags and fans decked out in orange lining the river near and along the stadium on gameday. Downtown Knoxville is hilly and picturesque, a nice setting for one of the largest stadiums in all of college football. Tailgators sometimes dress up in formal wear, which makes the amount of booze and wings they consume all the more comical. But any fan who loves college football should try to get into Neyland Stadium at least once. From the field, the stands look like they rise into the heavens, the bleachers are so high.


Although Tennesee is a dry campus, Vols fans know how to make tailgating a unique experience. Where else can you tailgate on a river in a boat? Not many places, that's for sure. And there also aren't that many places you can sit with 100,00 or more screaming fans. I learned this lesson a few years ago when I watched UT face Notre Dame in front of a sold out crowd. Neyland Stadium was glowing orange, and the student section smelled like chewing tobacco, but the atmosphere was one of a kind. Just don't wear an Alabama shirts. Those Vols fans hate Alabama just like most college football fan bases do. Our seats for the Tennesee and Notre Dame game were high in the nosebleeds. The stadium is real steep, so if you are afraid of heights or drink too much before games, spring for a better view. Lastly, make sure you aren't under dressed for tailgating. Some weeks, Vols fans dress up for "fancy tailgates."