Neyland Stadium

Home of the Tennessee Volunteers

Phillip Fulmer Way Knoxville, Tennessee, 37996 View Map
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Venue Info

Sport: Football
League: College Football
Team: Tennessee Volunteers

Year Built: 1921
Stadium Capacity: 102,037

The first time you set foot inside Neyland Stadium, be prepared… it is a scene unlike any other

The fourth largest collegiate stadium in the country towers over the Knoxville landscape today, but it wasn’t always able to hold 102,000. What started as 3,200 seats in 1921 has grown into one of the largest and nosiest crowds in the country, and when it is filled, it becomes the fifth largest city in the state. Factor in the frequently played – and most hated song in the SEC – Rocky Top, and it can be an intimidating environment for opposing teams. And the record proves it: The Vols have had 36 undefeated seasons at home.

Rocky Top, the Felice and Boudleaux Bryant song that took only ten minutes to write in 1967, might be played more than 40 times at Tennessee football games. The country hit about the east Tennessee mountains stirs the spirits of the orange and white-clad fans when the Pride of the Southland band kicks in.

The band’s signature formation, the power T, also gets fans fired up, and stick around for halftime to (hopefully) see its circle drill, when band members march in circular and star shapes. After the game, the Tennessee Waltz is played as students lock arms together and sway to the music.

Food at college games is often pretty generic, but make sure to grab a Petro at Neyland Stadium. It’s a chili, cheese and corn chip concoction, kind of like a chili pie, and the hint of orange sweet tea is a southern treat.

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