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Experience the Park Sanford Stadium Fan Guide

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On a half-dozen Saturdays in the fall, the denizens of Bulldog Nation descend on tranquil Athens for University of Georgia football games. All those people – and their cars, trucks or RVs – swell the Northeast Georgia city to its seams. Getting to Athens is easy enough. It’s finding a parking space and navigating your way to Sanford Stadium by kickoff that’s the tricky part.


The best parking spaces – those closest to the stadium – are reserved through the university’s Athletic Association and offered through a points system. Only a limited number are available to the general public, so unless you know somebody who has a permit, you’ll have to park somewhere else.


These folks can head to one of four main decks – the North Campus Parking Deck, the Hull Street Parking Deck, the South Campus Parking Deck, and the Carlton Street Parking Deck – which are open to the public and all just a few blocks from Sanford Stadium. The multiple parking decks and surface parking spots fill up quickly, as tailgaters arrive early on gameday to set up.


Farther away, but free, are the lots on East Campus, within a mile or so of the stadium. Once the spaces in East Campus are full, the university’s intramural fields complex is opened for parking. UGA Campus Transit offers free shuttle service to fans who park in the East Campus area and at the intramural complex. Shuttles begin running 5 ½ hours before kickoff, dropping off fans at Gate 6 of Sanford Stadium. The shuttles run for two hours after the game ends. For more information, visit here.


For the most part, parking is not allowed on grassy surfaces or along sidewalks. Again, it’s important to arrive in Athens early to find a parking space close enough to walk to the stadium. For more information on parking, visit here. Included at this site is an interactive map that highlights public parking decks and other places to park.


Getting into Athens is not as difficult as finding parking. From Atlanta, take Ga. Highway 316 or U.S. Highway 78 northeast toward Athens. From the north or south, U.S. Highways 129 and 441 are the best routes.  U.S. Highway 78 is the best path from the east. Ga. Highway 10 circles Athens, and traffic after games is routed onto the highway – commonly called “The Loop.” Follow Ga. Highway 10 to your return route.