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Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Home of the Florida Gators

University Ave and North South Drive Gainesville, Florida, 32604 View Map
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The Swamp has been a Mecca of college football for almost 20 years now. It' one of the loudest stadiums around and is intimidating for opponents. Florida fans tend to be pretty cocky, so if you're a visitor expect some backlash, but there aren't many places like this in the world with this much noise and intense atmosphere. It can be horribly hot out in the beginning of the year, especially if you sit in the student side. The sun won't stop shining there until dusk. If you're on the alumni side, you'll probably at least have some shade.


Standing inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, watching more than 90,000 Gator fans do the chomp in unison, is one of the most intimidating and coolest things to see in all of college sports. The stadium is extremely loud, especially when the Gators are rolling. Steeped in tradition of Florida's success -- particularly in recent years. Great atmosphere and location. A little difficult to get to, but there is parking available although you're going to have to walk a good distance to get to the stadium. Fans are tough if you're not rooting for the Gators. Best to take it in wearing some orange and blue.