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Experience the Park Tiger Stadium Fan Guide

Spice up the Tailgate

Louisianans have always been known to throw a good party, so it’s no different when the Tigers are in town. Plain and simple, many fans seem to take as much pride in the pre-game rituals as in what the team does on the field.

As early as Friday morning you see RV’s, 5th wheels and even students setting up tents and getting ready for the 24-hour party that goes on every Saturday during football season in Baton Rouge. And on game day, many tailgaters begin rolling onto campus early in the morning; keep in mind that most LSU home games are at night. Soon thousands of them will be set up around campus and smoke will be rolling off of pits and smokers as far as the eye can see.


South Stadium Drive running directly behind Tiger Stadium is a popular spot for veteran tailgaters, many of whom will have flat-screen TV’s set up to watch the day games going on around the country. Most spots will have a full bar set up and some combination of sausage, Cajun boudin and drunk chickens on the grill.

It’s the food that really sets the LSU tailgating scene apart from most other spots. If you’re there, bring an appetite for some spicy Cajun cooking and for the strong drinks. Another lively spot, and a bit younger, is at the top of the hill by the historical Indian Mounds right behind the Journalism building. Many of these folks are students, grad and undergrad, so expect more kegs, co-eds and cranked tunes. 

The perfect way to close out the tailgating experience is to be at the bottom of the mounds, right in front of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center, about an hour and a half before the game starts. That’s when you will witness the storied tradition of the Golden Band from Tigerland, consisting of around 350 members, march down the hill and into the stadium in typical LSU fashion – flashy.


Of course, after the game, the party starts all over again in the parking lots and on the parade grounds.

Matt Reynolds