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Notre Dame Stadium

Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

1600 Edison Drive South Bend, Indiana, 46556 View Map
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Hear from a Player

His grandfather was the legendary Frank Leahy, and his father played for the Irish in the late 60s, so Notre Dame football was in Ryan Leahy’s blood. 

“You know you have a football tradition to live up to,” says the former Irish offensive lineman and 1995 team captain. “All the players know that, so when they get here they want to carry on the tradition.”

Running out of the tunnel at the Stadium is “absolutely awesome” … “You go down that hallway and slap that ‘Play Like a Champion’ sign and then you’re packed in the tunnel with the band, and they’re playing the Fight Song. The hair on the back of your neck is standing up and you’re getting goose-bumps. It’s a feeling that you can just take on the world.”


He recalls one incident his sophomore year when he was scolded by Coach Holtz for missing assignments: “He stops practice and he says, ‘Frank Leahy was a brilliant football coach … he took it all from his family and left them with nothing.’” 

He remembers another practice being forced to do bear crawls as punishment for some misdeed as a group of ex-players from the 40s looked on. “They heard coach yell my name and I look over and these guys are standing there with smiles on their faces from ear-to-ear. They thought it was the greatest thing. They had received similar punishment from my grandfather and there was nothing better than seeing this punishment come full circle. Notre Dame’s a tough place and everybody that’s been there wants it to stay that way.”