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Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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Experience the Park Notre Dame Stadium Fan Guide

Act Like a Student

There is one class Notre Dame students love to attend: Football 101, which meets at least six times a year in Notre Dame Stadium. There isn’t a tuition-paying soul who dares be absent. For incoming students or those who simply want to act like one, here are a few tips for watching the Irish from the student section:

  • Never sit down. If you feel you have to there are plenty of seats in other sections of the stadium or, say, at the library.
  • Wear ‘The Shirt’.  Sported by every student in the section, ‘The Shirt’ enables the student body to stand out by turning a corner of the Stadium a giant shade of green, blue, gold or bright yellow.
  • Point Pushups. After each Irish touchdown, hoist a friend in the air for every point ND has scored. It’s best to pick the lightest student around, particularly if the Irish are racking up the points.
  • Marshmallow Wars. Each halftime, seniors tear open bags of mini-marshmallows and pelt one another with the soft, white projectiles.
  • Support the players. Win or lose, the Irish gather at the foot of the student section right after the contest and raise their gold helmets to thank the students for their support.
  • Sing the Alma Mater. Lock arms with your classmates and friends as the band ends its post-game concert with “Notre Dame Our Mother.” 

Notre Dame Our Mother

Tender Strong and True

Proudly in the heavens

Gleams thy Gold and Blue 

Glory’s mantle cloaks thee

Golden is thy fame

And our hearts forever

Praise thee Notre Dame

And our hearts forever

Love thee Notre Dame.