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Notre Dame Stadium

Home of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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Road Trip An Itinerary for Notre Dame Stadium

This is Notre Dame, so folks don’t wait until game day to start getting fired up. So, start your experience at the Friday night pep rally at the Joyce Center. It’s a colorful and raucous mix of student spirit and Irish football pride, and should be experienced at least once even by non-ND fans. … The tailgating at ND begins hours before kickoff, so plan to wander around and check out the lavish spreads. There’s really no reason to set up your own, though, as there are plenty of spots to grab a pre-game snack and drink. Head over to the Turtle Creek apartments just off of campus for the traditional Kegs ‘n Eggs, or have a steak sandwich from the Knights of Columbus stand on campus. Also, many of the dorms and clubs on campus set up food stands on game days where you can get grilled hamburgers or sausages. … Be outside the Sacred Heart Basilica a couple of hours before game time and shout your support to the team as the players, decked out in suit and tie, stroll from Mass to the Stadium. … Next, stroll over to Bond Hall to hear the band, which holds a concert on the steps about 90 minutes before kickoff. The band then marches to the Stadium with the cheerleaders while blaring the Fight Song, and fans follow along; it’s enough to raise goose-bumps on the arms of USC fans. … Once inside the Stadium, get your bearings as far as concessions and restrooms. You’ll need both as NBC seems to drag out these games well beyond three hours. Wander the widened concourse and check out the many banners honoring former ND players and teams. … After the game head over to Legends of Notre Dame for a celebratory drink; it’s on campus so is an easy walk just south of the stadium. … Eventually, though, all roads lead to the Linebacker Lounge. The Backer is known for its Long Island Iced Teas that get folks dancing into the wee hours. Thankfully, it’s also within stumbling distance of the Stadium.

Legends of Notre Dame, 54801 Juniper Rd., 574-631-2582

Linebacker Lounge, 1631 South Bend Ave., 574-289-0186