Camp Randall Stadium

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Experience the Park Camp Randall Stadium Fan Guide

Tailgate the Wisconsin Way

Camp Randall is surrounded by campus buildings and residential neighborhoods, so there aren’t giant parking lots close by to set up a tailgate like there are at many other stadiums. Not surprisingly, that doesn’t stop Badger fans

Many of those nearby houses are occupied by students, and on game day it seems like every other one has their own tailgate or cookout going on leading up to kickoff. There’ll be brats on the grill and beer flowing, and traditional tailgate games such as bags, beer pong and what the locals call testicle toss. You can park on someone’s yard or driveway for a fee and set up your tailgate or join one in progress. Better yet, merge the two, as students are often eager to share the experience.

There are a few parking lots farther from Camp Randall that play host to big tailgates, but you’ll need to take a shuttle to the game from them. Lot 60, located just off Lake Mendota on Walnut Street on the northwest part of campus, is one.

A few bars – The Stadium, Lucky’s and the Big Ten – are within a stone’s throw of Camp Randall and get crowded on game day. Have a few at one of these establishments and then grab a brat and some cheese curds from a street vendor before you head into the game.