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Experience the Park Michigan Stadium Fan Guide

Tailgating Michigan Style

A Michigan home game offers as diverse a tailgating scene as any place: low-key cookout by the stadium, weekend-long camp out or rowdy college party that might sidetrack you from the game. All can be experienced on game day at Michigan.

Directly across the street from Michigan Stadium is Ann Arbor Pioneer High School. It’s an ordinary, run-of-the-mill school almost every day of the year — except for the six or seven days the Wolverines play a home game. The school’s sprawling front lawn and huge parking lots are jammed with thousands of cars and RVs, creating a busy tailgating scene as kickoff approaches.

Venture over to the RV section of the parking lot and you’ll see the hardcore Michigan faithful. Many of the massive buses and mobile homes arrive Friday afternoon and don’t leave until Sunday morning. There is food and drink galore, huge inflatable Wolverines as decorations and flat-screen TVs picking up games from around the country. This is tailgating on steroids. 

If you seek a more high-octane pre-game experience, walk a short way down State Street and join one of the parties at the fraternities or student houses. Think an 80-year-old woman couldn’t do a two-story beer bong? It’s been seen around here. That may be a bit excessive for most, so remember to pace yourself if you want to see kickoff.