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Experience the Park Michigan Stadium Fan Guide

Welcome to the Big House

Probably nowhere else is the first impression given off by a stadium more wrong than at Michigan. The seating bowl is sunken into the earth, so only a portion of it is visible above ground. Nice small-college stadium, a first-time visitor might think. That is, until they step inside and emerge from one of the tunnels and into an ocean of Maize and Blue, 110,000 or so fans punching their fists in the air as the band blares The Victors prior to kickoff or the team enters under the “Go Blue!” banner. Welcome to The Big House.

Although there’s a stereotype of Michigan fans as subdued, students and others are doing their best to change that. One dude, known as the Hot Dog Man, is riling up crowds every home game by buying about a dozen hot dogs at a time and tossing them into the crowd. Amazing how free hot dogs can fire up thousands of football fans. Unfortunately, the Hot Dog Man usually isn’t around to see it as he gets tossed out by security.

The Wave may be passé at other places, but Michigan Stadium’s perfect, uninterrupted oval shape make it just the venue for it. The Wave usually starts in the student section and follows the same pattern: two times around normally, then once around where everyone does The Wave in super slow-motion, then once in super fast-motion. Then the student section splits it so there are two Waves circling in opposite directions. Seeing 110,000 fans do this is quite enthralling, and you can usually see a few members of the visiting team sneaking peeks from the sidelines. 

Michigan Stadium is currently undergoing a significant renovation that will add luxury boxes on both sides, so the scene in 2008 is also cluttered with construction equipment. But The Big House remains a must-see for college football fans.