Michigan Stadium

Home of the MIchigan Wolverines

South Main St. and East Stadium Dr. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48104 View Map
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Nevermind the hulking steal beams hovering over the Big House. They're part of the renovations that will put more fans in the stands than the 2003 Ohio State game which seated more than 110,000 fans. By 2010 Michigan will be the "Bigger House" home of college football's winningest football team, some of the best NCAA traditions and the best roasted almonds on the planet. Michigan Stadium seats so many people make sure you get there early. Walking to your seats could take forever. Food stands are everywhere as Michigan Stadium is not your typical venue. The entire stadium is surrounded by brick and black metal fences, inside are massive walkways filled with apparel stands, food shops and Dominoes vendors hawking pizzas. Dominoes is a local favorite that was established down the road. But if you really want some great food order some kettle corn, hot cider or roasted almonds. And don't forget to visit the M-Den, Michigan's in-stadium souvenir shop. Michigan has a new football tee shirt that everyone wears. Make sure you don't get caught with last year's shirt. Make sure you also purchase your food and paraphernalia early because you don't want to miss the roar of the crowd when the Wolverines rise and touch the banner while the band plays Hail to the Victors. Most importantly, consume your alcohol before the game because Big Ten stadiums don't serve alcohol. The golf course, and Ann Arbor Pioneer fields and lots are hot spots for tailgaters featuring vendors and rowdy fans. Anything goes for tailgating in Ann Arbor, so bring your closest friends and even and RV if you have one. If you are just going to the game, try parking on someone's lawn just short walk from the gates. Private residences offer parking for cheaper than many lots, it is a UM tradition to do so.

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