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Wrigley Field

Home of the Chicago Cubs
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Experience the Park Wrigley Field Fan Guide

Be prepared for the Weather

Unlike spectators from more moderate climates and those whose teams, against all tradition and basic morality, play indoors, Cubs fans must constantly factor in the weather when planning a day at the park. In fact, there may not be a more challenging setting for the elements in the majors than Wrigley Field. Opening Day often arrives with temperatures in the 30s, arctic-like wind gusts and wisps of snow.  An afternoon game in July or August could mean stifling humidity and temperatures near triple-digits. In May, June or September, depending on where you're sitting and the arc of the sun, you could be sweating and shivering on the same day. It's best to follow the Boy Scout's motto: Be Prepared. If you're attending a game in the first month of the season, dress for football. Beyond that, it's vital to check the weather a couple of times before you leave home so you're ready when the wind turns, the temperature suddenly drops or a storm front moves in from the west. And remember, don't complain no matter how bad it gets; that's what separates Cubs fans from the soft spectators in places like Miami or L.A.

Recommended Wear:

April -- dress like Sir Shakleton just invited you on his quest for the South Pole: parka, hat, gloves, long underwear. 

May/June -- most unpredictable time; warm jacket, hat, rain gear. 

July/August -- shorts, t-shirts, sunblock. A poncho could come in handy when the frequent thunderstorms blow in.

September/October -- Not unlike May and June, you just never know. Remember, you can always remove layers.