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Wrigley Field

Home of the Chicago Cubs
1060 W. Addison Chicago, Illinois, 60613 View Map
(773) 404-2827
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Listen to Ron

Listening to Ron Santo broadcast a game is like sitting next to your average Cubs fan for three hours. Ok, he’s more like the most passionate Cubs fan on the face of the Earth. Santo’s radio commentary can only be called gut-wrenching. “Ohhhhhh!!” he groans as a Cubs fielder boots an easy grounder. “Yes! Yes!” he screams with a late-inning home run. In between he’ll throw in some jokes about his bad toupee. Since Harry Caray’s passing to that great sport’s bar in the sky Santo has taken over as the Cubs’ chief cheerleader in the broadcast booth. Santo, who played third base at Wrigley for 14 seasons, lives and dies with his Cubbies. He lost both legs below the knee to diabetes, has a bad heart and faces annual disappointment when the Hall of Fame overlooks him. None of it has diminished his love for baseball, his joy for his work and his undying optimism that the Cubs will some day win the World Series, with him broadcasting every delicious moment. So bring some headphones to the game and give Ronnie a listen. He is the voice, and the heart and soul, of the Cubs.