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Wrigley Field

Home of the Chicago Cubs
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Experience the Park Wrigley Field Fan Guide

Beer is Good

Beer and baseball go together like, well, baseball and beer. It’s hard to imagine one without the other. While drunken behavior at the ballpark is strongly discouraged, beer can be the perfect lubricant for a fine day at Wrigley. Vendors at Wrigley mostly sell Budweiser and Old Style. The latter is from Wisconsin but has somehow become Chicago’s de facto hometown brew, although some beer snobs turn their noses up at it. For those folks imports can be found at stands on the concourse, but you’ll pay more and may have to stand in line. Between the vendors and the many food and beer stands there’s no reason to miss any of the game to grab a beer. If that’s a concern, buy a beer on the way to your seats so you’ll know the lay of the land. Better yet, generously tip the vendors and they’ll keep finding you. There are places where you can get some kind of fruity frozen drinks, as well, but no one we know has ever had one or will admit to it. 

Be prepared to shell out about $7 per beer, which sounds criminal until you remember that hey, you’re at Wrigley Field. Besides, they’re charging about the same at every other Major League park. So soak up some sun and some suds. As the philosopher Homer said, “Mmm … beer.”