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Wrigley Field

Home of the Chicago Cubs
1060 W. Addison Chicago, Illinois, 60613 View Map
(773) 404-2827
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Wrigley is horribly overrated. With the exception of the ivy on the wall that feels historic and unique the rest of the place is a dump filled with drunks and fans trying to be "Cubbie Chic." Both groups exhibit little baseball knowledge and no class.


the best ball park in the world


Wrigley Field is one of the most unique and historic venues in professional sports. I had the opportunity to go to a Cubs vs. White Sox game there years ago. The game was obviously sold out and we payed $60 a seat from scalpers in some house down the street from the stadium. One of the most amazing experiences I have ever had at a baseball game. The game was eventually rained out, but the world renowned bleacher fans left a lasting impression on me as one drunk fan jumped out of the stands and sprinted across the field before diving across the tarp and sliding through the infield.


Loved it!!! I'm not sure I have ever been as cold as I was at Wrigley. We had seats behind home plate. We paid a second admission so we could sit in the bleachers and get warmed up by the sun. Wrigley is authentic. Nothing phony about this place. Thye share the highlights as well as the blemishes.


I checked out Wrigley a few years ago for a game against the Atlanta Braves. I was impressed on all levels. Wrigley presented historic baseball at its finest- even though the stadium was crumbling. I loved the curb side stands, all the Cubs sport shops, the street vendors and the great atmosphere. I'm not even a Cubs fan, but it was hard not to root for them. I even managed to get free parking on a side street; I have no idea how this was possible, but it made the weekend cheaper. I also picked up game day tickets at will call. They were standing room only but were worth it. Wrigley is a great bet for a road trip, you have to see it to believe it. The neighborhood is great, the fans are great, it is the best stadium I have been to.


Wrigley is an experience all baseball fans must partake in. From the bars outside the gates to the rooftop seating to the charm of walking up ramp after ramp to your seat, Wrigley brings you back in time. The "L" Train is the perfect way to get here. We stayed in nearby Evanston and could easily ride to the park without the hassel of a cab or parking. Get there early and stay late. Wrigley field is as close to heaven as you can get on earth.


Wrigley is my home park so I'm biased, but I love it. Sure, it's not perfect, the bathrooms suck and you can be stuck behind a pole, but you can overcome that with some planning. The rest is awesome... on a perfect summer day it's the best place to be. And you're right smack in the middle of this busy neighborhood with bars and restaurants galore.


There is nothing better than Wrigley from a tradition perspective. I wish they served beer in the bleachers. I end up always missing a good part of the game when I am waiting in line to get my next brew.


Wrigley field is to the sports world version of Disney Land. Something for everyone!!!


Wrigley is obviously a 'must' for all baseball fans. The trek in can be a pain particularly if you do not know where you are going, but once in your seat the sight-lines and proximity to the action are unparalleled. The upper deck 400 level seats are some of the best in the park. Food is pretty bad overall, but the grill carts in the concourse work, as well as the patio behind the press box in the upper deck. Believe the peanut vendors, they are 'cheaper on the outside'. Before the game Murphy's is a mob scene, but go to the back where there can be a little more breathing space. The food back there is over-priced, but not bad. Also, there are several port-o-john's under the track behind Murphys - you do not want to fight the bathroom crowd inside.