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What's a concussion feel like? Wise Guides' Andy Buchanan explains

Concussions have been occurring in football for decades but are suddenly all over the news, and that's a good thing for the health of current and former players.  But what does it feel like to g… Read more »

Notre Dame football on, yawn, NBC... if you can stay awake

Since Notre Dame signed the contract with NBC to broadcast every Irish home game to the entire nation in 1991 – yes, it’s been that long – these games have become marathons, usually lasting well ov… Read more »

Imagine if Jay Cutler were black ... critics would be foaming at the mouth

While Jay Cutler has received plenty of criticism for his role in the ongoing saga in Denver, I can't hep but wonder what the reaction would be around the league and among fans and members of th… Read more »

Goodell wants more games, but this fan says 'No thanks'

The Chicago Bears tore out to a 7-0 start in 2006 when they hosted the 1-6 Dolphins in early November at Soldier Field. The result, a 31-13 Miami win, would have to be considered an upset i… Read more »