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Watch that wallet Cubs fans and get ready for big changes

More than two years ago, I wrote a post on a friend's blog about the crazy ticket prices at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. What is now dubbed as "Jerry's World" by some, in honor… Read more »

Matsui launches homer, and it lands here

A friend of Wise Guides caught Hideki Matsui's sixth-inning home run last night at Yankee Stadium. Check out the cool World Series stamp on the ball. That's one to tell the grandkids about... and sho… Read more »

A gift for the Cubs fan who's dying to show their loyalty... or just dying

The argument has been made that Cubs fans aren't really that dedicated, that they're mostly a bunch of yuppies who turn Wrigley Field into the world's largest outdoor saloon, and that they couldn't t… Read more »

More Good Press on Wise Guide Wrigley Field

The Web site PublishChicago.com, which supports Chicago-area publishers, likes our guidebook to Wrigley Field ... a lot. Here's the review from one Julie Hunt. She's apparently a Michigan Wolverine… Read more »

What is the Infield Fly Rule ?

The infield fly rule declares that a batter is out when he hits a fair fly ball that could be caught by an infielder with "ordinary" effort, there are less than two outs and runners are on first and … Read more »

Are Cubs fans racist?

Another racist t-shirt has popped up outside Wrigley Field, which raises the question: Are Cubs fans racist? Or is it just the street vendors outside Wrigley? Or maybe the t-shirt makers?&n… Read more »

Wrigley Field iPhone App Released

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     Contact: 312.636.0257 info@wiseguidebooks.com Wise Guides hits a home run with its new iPhone app for Wrigley Field Fans can get insider tips … Read more »

Working the Scoreboard at Wrigley

One of the eternal mysteries of Wrigley, right up there with how they get the grass so green in April, is what it’s like inside the scoreboard. Fred Washington, who’s been flippin’ numbers at Wrigley… Read more »

Road Trip: Wise Guides' itinerary to Miller Park

Tailgating may be more associated with football than baseball, but no one in Milwaukee seems to know that or care. Miller Park is by far the best spot in the Majors to do some pre-game partying in th… Read more »

Road Trip: Wise Guides visits the new Yankee Stadium

Wise Guides visited the new Yankee Stadium and we put together this photo album from the day: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fansherpa/sets/72157620411079725/. Enjoy, and add your own to our Yankee Sta… Read more »

5 Top Cardinals Teams of All-Time

The Cardinals have won more world championships (10) than any other National League franchise, so picking the five best teams in the rich tradition of this franchise is no easy task. Here’s a shot at… Read more »

Road Trip: Barbeque and baseball history... an itinerary to Kauffman Stadium

Whether you're a Cardinals fan heading west on I-70 for the series in Kansas City this weekend or just looking for another ballpark to check off your list, Wise Guides has an itinerary to Kauffman St… Read more »

Empty seats greet Yankees at their new park

We've all become accustomed to seeing scores of empty seats behind home plate at Major League ballparks these days when watching on television, catching highlights or there in person. Many parks… Read more »

Visit George's House: An itinerary to the new Yankee Stadium

Take the train to the game as it’s part of the Big Apple game-day experience and convenient, too, dropping you off right outside the park. Once you get your bearings, take a lap around the new Yankee… Read more »

A Cubs Fan admits, "I Am Confident"

While watching the Cubs second game of the year - yes, the one they lost in the 10th - I absolutely knew they were going to lose when Lou brought Cotts out for the second inning. All Cub fans are fam… Read more »

Find Your Seat at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field has a reputation as a hitter’s park, a band-box of a ball yard from a different era where home runs regularly go flying out. Well, it depends which way the wind is blowing. A seasoned… Read more »

Wise Guides in the News

Wise Guides got a nice write-up today on the Web site Ron Kaplan's Baseball Bookshelf. Here's a link to the story and a podcast of an interview: http://rksbaseballbookshelf.wordpress.com/2009/02/26/w… Read more »

Hey Jose, Better Watch Your Back!

Former Major Leaguer Ron Kittle has a warning for steroid-head and snitcher Jose Canseco: If the UPS man comes to your house to deliver a package and he kinda resembles Roger Clemens or Mark McGwire,… Read more »