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A plea from a Buckeye fan: Get rid of the pretty pony helmets

I was watching last weekend's Ohio State-Illinois game, with the rain coming down in the Horseshoe and the lights starting to take affect in the late afternoon, when my buddy says: "What's up with the Pretty Pony helmets?"

When the camera closed in on a Buckeye player, the helmets sparkled. I've noticed this in the last couple of seasons but it was accentuated by the rain and lights. The photo above doesn't really capture the sparkly affect you saw on TV. Yes, helmets can shine in the sun and under the lights, but this is different. 

They've obviously added something to the paint they slather on the helmets, and as a Buckeye fan I must say, I hate it. When I'm watching the Bucks I don't want to have thoughts of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP_rIAkb_v8. And certainly Archie Griffin and Chris Spileman never wore sparkly helmets. Spielman probably would have smashed his into bits and gone out bare-headed.

I suppose one plus is that the helmets will fill up with Buckeye stickers as the season progresses and the sparkles will be less noticeable. So, keep the classic unis OSU, of course, but get rid of the sparkles please. 

Now about that sweater vest...