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Here's guessing Favre doesn't make it to opening weekend

Am I the only one who thinks Brett Favre is now wondering: 'Oh sh-t, what did I get myself into?' He's had a few practices and been reminded that NFL players aren't the same as high school kids running pass patterns in Mississippi. He's met his new teammates and they seem even younger than before, which of course they are. And he's looked at the schedule and been reminded what a grind the NFL season can be.

So when he's staring into the mirror at the end of the day and sees that gray mug looking back at him, he's got to be having his doubts already. It's really not a stretch at all, considering just three weeks ago he supposedly decided he didn't want to play. And now we're supposed to believe he's fully committed to this Vikings team and this season? After all the waffling he's done over the past year or so?

He's more undecided than a stoner at a Baskin-Robins who's only got two bucks in his pocket. Yet the Vikings and the NFL marketing machine are shilling his purple #4 jerseys like mad. If I was a Vikes fan I'd hold off on plunking down $80 for that, and maybe ask a Jet fan how he feels now about that green and white #4 he has. Maybe if you hold onto it for a few decades it'll be like a novelty item because most fans won't even remember that Favre played anwyhere but Green Bay. Kind of like you have to be reminded that Namath finished a Ram, Unitas a Charger and O.J. a 49er.

Anyway, I'm not big on predictions, but I just have this feeling Favre won't even make it to the opening game. He'll throw a couple interceptions in a boring pre-season game and realize the desire isn't there - which wouldn't at all be surprising since it apparently wasn't less than a month ago. Or he'll get injured, which again would be unsurprising for a soon-to-be 40 dude going against much younger, much faster, much more focused players.

So I'd tell Sage Rosenfels to stay in shape, and I'd advise fans to hold off splurging on season tickets and jerseys. The Vikes web site says due to high demand it could take four weeks for the thing to arrive, and by then Favre could be back on his lawnmower in Mississippi.

I think the only #4 jerseys at the Metrodome this season will be on sad-looking fans in the stands.

Andy Buchanan