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Cubs demote Samardzija to grounds crew?

Jeff Samardzija has been a disappointment for the Cubs this year, getting knocked around pretty good when he wasn't being shuttled back down to Iowa. In 17 appearances with the big club he's compiled a 7.81 ERA. After his only start of the season last week - seven runs in 3 1/3 innings - I suggested to a friend that the former Notre Dame All-America wide receiver consider joining the Bears. Seriously, he could probably start this season.

But then I saw this after Saturday's game. Apparently the Cubs demoted him to the grounds crew, as he can be seen getting ready to rake the visitors' bullpen in the above shot. At first I thought it was a pretty radical move, but hey, yard work can clear your head.

I was going to call the Cubs to get comment, but this being a blog I quickly squelched any desire to practice actual journalism. Insetad I perused the team web site and saw an announcement that Samardzija had actually been optioned back to Iowa. Too bad. I'm thinking some time with that rake would have been as good as another start against the Portland Beavers.