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Yankee Stadium - Here's why it's Homer Heaven

When the new Yankee Stadium opened the team noted that the dimensions were exactly the same as at the old place: 

left-field line: 318 feet

left-center: 399

center field: 408

right-center: 385

right-field line: 314

But that's misleading. Researchers (baseball geeks) looking for an explanation for all the home runs that have been flying out of the new place, especially toward right field, found that parts of the fence in right are actually closer to home by several feet than they were in the original stadium. The wall in Ruth's house curved out toward center field, but in the new stadium it's straight due to the manual scoreboard embedded in it. The wall is also only eight feet high compared to 10 feet in the old stadium. 

So, forget those wind studies you planned, the answer to the home run barrage is in the wall.