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More Good Press on Wise Guide Wrigley Field

The Web site PublishChicago.com, which supports Chicago-area publishers, likes our guidebook to Wrigley Field ... a lot. Here's the review from one Julie Hunt. She's apparently a Michigan Wolverine fan, but we'll forgive her after the nice things she writes about us:

Sports fans are going to love this.  The Wise Guide series of books presents a succinct, all-inclusive look into what fans of various teams need to know to enjoy their trips to the stadium.  The particular Guide I’m reviewing is for Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, but there are also Wise Guide books out for Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, AT&T Park, Ohio Stadium, and Notre Dame Stadium available at their website.  These books are perfect both for new fans who want the know-how that lifetime fans have built up over the years, and for the old-pros who may want to brush up on some of their stadium knowledge.  Honestly, these books seem like the perfect gift, possibly as stocking-stuffer because of their small size, for any sports fan.

The Wise Guide to Wrigley Field is a small, palm pleasing book that measures about six-inches tall and four-inches wide.  I mention this because the design of a book of this nature is incredibly important, and I find it’s small size pleasing and fitting for the content.  The book uses a simple white, red, and blue color scheme to match the Cub’s uniforms.  Each page of the Guide contains a new piece of advice on how to get yourself to and enjoy yourself at a game at Wrigley Field.  The first page features advice on various places to get tickets, and continues on with advice such as how to make a game day Bloody Mary, Red Line instructions, how scoring in the game works, what the flags at the stadium mean, what the various calorie counts of the foods you can get at the stadium are, right on through what to do after the game is over.  It’s also chock full of fun extras like trivia and stories about the stadium’s history (have you heard of the Goat Curse?).  Even the appendixes at the end of the book contain great information about Wrigleyville Restaurants, driving in the area, and baseball rules that might be less than obvious to a newbie fan.  There’s also space in the back for autographs.

Personally, I can’t wait until there’s a Wise Guide out for The Big House (Go Blue!).  These little books are fantastic.  If you’ve ever fancied becoming a Cubs fan, I’d get out and buy this book today.