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Wrigley Field iPhone App Released


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Wise Guides hits a home run with its new iPhone app for Wrigley Field

Fans can get insider tips about Wrigley, play trivia game on phone

CHICAGO –Wise Guides has released an iPhone app, Wise Guide® Wrigley Field, that provides fans with insider tips about the Friendly Confines and the surrounding neighborhood, and a fun trivia game about all things Wrigley. The application also reviews 70+ nearby restaurants, bars and clubs, provides mapping, and a feature allowing users to send in their own suggestions and stories about the Wrigley experience. The Wise Guide® Wrigley Field iPhone application can be installed on both the iPhone and iPod touch and sells for $0.99.

“Many apps out there are fun, while others are useful but not very entertaining,” says Wise Guides co-founder John Buchanan. “We think this app is the best of both worlds. It has a ton of great information and is delivered in a fun way.”

Whether spending the afternoon at Wrigley Field or sitting at home on the sofa, fans can access short stories and anecdotes about the ballpark and the Cubs, like the origin of the Billy Goat Curse, as well as tips on how to get the most out of a day in Wrigleyville. There’s advice on negotiating with the scalpers, tips on how to get to the bathroom and back without missing a pitch and suggestions on where to head after the game for a drink and a bite. The Wise Guides app also contains explanations of baseball rules and stats: What is the Infield Fly Rule? When is a game official? How do you calculate slugging percentage, ERA and OPS? All could come in handy when watching the game.

The trivia game should be challenging and fun for fans. Answer a question correctly and hear the roar of the crowd from your phone. Got one wrong? Just give the phone a shake and the next question pops up. 


The interactive nature of the app allows fans to send in their own tips about Wrigley and suggestions for where to head after the game. The best offerings might make the next version of the app and could win fans tickets to see the Cubs.

The Wise Guide Fan Navigator books were created by John and Andy Buchanan, a pair of sports-loving brothers from Chicago, and have been featured in ESPN The Magazine and various other media outlets. They provide fans a dose of history as well as tips on attending games, and are a witty take on the entire spectator experience. Wise Guides has books on Wrigley Field, Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, AT&T Park, Notre Dame Stadium, Ohio Stadium and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The books can be purchased for $9.99 at http://shop.wiseguidesonline.com/ as well as at select Borders and Barnes & Noble outlets and other book and souvenir stores.

Fans can also access Wise Guides content at www.wiseguidesonline.com, including stories, tips and bar/restaurant reviews for all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks, with more venues in the works. The site allows users to rate their stadium experiences, including atmosphere, food and drink, and review local establishments.  


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