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Wise Guide Tip: When attending the Indy 500, forget the hotel and camp in the 'hood

Heading to Indianapolis this weekend for the 500? Well, forget the fancy hotels in downtown Indy with their room service and other luxuries (like running water). Who needs all that comfort when you’re a hard-core race fan?

All many fans really need is a space in the driveway or a spot on the lawn. And thankfully, many residents of Speedway are more than happy to oblige, renting out such spots to campers on race weekend. Expect to pay anywhere from $50-$125 per day depending on the event and proximity to the track.  Pitch a tent in the backyard or as space allows, squeeze your RV between the rose bushes and the garage.

It’s a unique IMS tradition that sees many fans returning to the same home year after year and building life-long friendships with the locals. The advantages of camping in Speedway are often overlooked. April Taflinger, who grew up hosting campers at her family home and continues the tradition today, lists some of the benefits:

  • Bathroom privileges, including a place to shower (often the extra bath in the basement)
  • Cooking out with the neighbors the evening before the race
  • Being within stumbling distance of home if you’re out partying at 16th & Georgetown the night before the race
  • Leisurely race-morning coffee klatch
  • A place to relax post-race, grabbing a snack or continuing the party as you wait out the traffic
  • Establishing treasured same-time-next-year relationships with your hosts


randyaltschuler 05/28/2009

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