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A Cubs Fan admits, "I Am Confident"

While watching the Cubs second game of the year - yes, the one they lost in the 10th - I absolutely knew they were going to lose when Lou brought Cotts out for the second inning. All Cub fans are familiar with the dread and sense of impending doom when the Cubs are involved in an extra inning away game. What was different this time was the fact that after the game, I was not devastated and analyzing the ramifications of this winnable game that the Cubs let slip through their hands. No, I actually moved on immediately and ordered another beer and began talking with friends about politics and how bad the Brewers were going to be this year (happened to be with a Brewers fan). The fact is the Cubs are going to be good this year - with the amount of talent they have on the team and Lou in the dugout it has a feel of inevitability to it. I am not predicting winning the World Series (or even getting to it for that matter) - there are too many other factors that go into winning in the playoffs - see R. Dempster and his divorce from the strike zone last October. But, they can and should get to the playoffs. I cannot believe I actually wrote that. If this is what it feels like to have a good team on a consistent basis - I like it ! By the way, the Cubs took the opening series by overwhelming the Astros last night.