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What's a concussion feel like? Wise Guides' Andy Buchanan explains

Concussions have been occurring in football for decades but are suddenly all over the news, and that's a good thing for the health of current and former players.  But what does it feel like to g… Read more »

Watch that wallet Cubs fans and get ready for big changes

More than two years ago, I wrote a post on a friend's blog about the crazy ticket prices at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. What is now dubbed as "Jerry's World" by some, in honor… Read more »

Notre Dame football on, yawn, NBC... if you can stay awake

Since Notre Dame signed the contract with NBC to broadcast every Irish home game to the entire nation in 1991 – yes, it’s been that long – these games have become marathons, usually lasting well ov… Read more »

SI Jinx for A-Rod and Howard?

This week's Sports Illustrated previewed the World Series with a cover story with the following headline: "Welcome to the Big Bash," and this subhead, "Ryan Howard + A-Rod = World Series Home Run Der… Read more »

Matsui launches homer, and it lands here

A friend of Wise Guides caught Hideki Matsui's sixth-inning home run last night at Yankee Stadium. Check out the cool World Series stamp on the ball. That's one to tell the grandkids about... and sho… Read more »

A plea from a Buckeye fan: Get rid of the pretty pony helmets

I was watching last weekend's Ohio State-Illinois game, with the rain coming down in the Horseshoe and the lights starting to take affect in the late afternoon, when my buddy says: "What's up with th… Read more »

Biggest rip-off in sports: Pre-season football at regular season prices

Convenience fees on tickets that are definitely inconvenient on your wallet. $5 hot dogs and $9 beers. Personal Seat Licenses. The NBA regular season. There are many scams in sports today, but i… Read more »

Here's guessing Favre doesn't make it to opening weekend

Am I the only one who thinks Brett Favre is now wondering: 'Oh sh-t, what did I get myself into?' He's had a few practices and been reminded that NFL players aren't the same as high school kids runni… Read more »

Cubs demote Samardzija to grounds crew?

Jeff Samardzija has been a disappointment for the Cubs this year, getting knocked around pretty good when he wasn't being shuttled back down to Iowa. In 17 appearances with the big club he's compiled… Read more »

Sports Film Review - 'The Lost Son of Havana' - watch it

I have to admit when I saw that ESPN was showing, 'The Lost Son of Havana', a documentary on Luis Tiant's return to Cuba after 46 years, I was skeptical. Like their caricature-worthy anchors, ESPN us… Read more »